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A roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding. Choose a reward, improve your build, survive the next wave, repeat. Highly replayable, difficult, and addictive. You'll want just one more wave, just one more run!


Core Defense is a singleplayer spinoff from Coregrounds, a multiplayer tower defense game released in 2018, and shut down in early 2019 due to various reasons. After the shutdown, lead developer Mario "ehmprah" Kaiser still had an itch that could only be scratched by reinventing the tower defense genre yet again, this time with solo project Core Defense.



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Quick Facts

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Release on January 16, 2020 (Early Access)
  • Release on Steam: July 31, 2020
  • Release on Play Store, App Store later in 2020
  • Developed by Berlin-based solo indie dev ehmprah
  • Singleplayer spinoff from Coregrounds


"Good bread doesn't need butter ... Core Defense has always left me with that 'just one more wave' thirst."
– Óscar Morgado, Rubber Chicken

"Core Defense will not leave you hungry, proving to be effective and well designed."
– Charlotte Benoit, Game Guide

"Addictive Tower Defense"
– Calum Fraser, AlphaBetaGamer

"Pretty good and it really started scratching the itch as I got further into it"
– Liam Dawe, GamingOnLinux

– Thiago Correia, Nerdmaldito

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